Well I finally got around to setting up another blog. Hopefully this one lasts a little longer and gets updated more often.

You might say, “Bucky, why start another blog, if you already have one?” I have two major reasons. Reason one, the first blog was hosted on blogger.com and managed by someone else. I want to have full access to what I’m working on. It is a result of my OCD, perhaps controlling, and engineering mindset. I like to be able to dig into what I’m using and know my tools inside and out. The second reason is becaus my other blog is close to 7 years old now, and hasn’t been updated in a while, and I don’t even remember the url for it, nor the credentials to log in.

The major reason for this blog is for me to chronicle my endeavours in life, including some hobbies, family stuff, work, projects, and I’m sure many other subjects as time goes on. My brain is almost always churning. Hopefully this outlet will help me get things out and shut it up.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. Sadly (or not) this blog is not interactive, so you can’t comment, but please feel free to email me, or contact me via any of the modes of communication available!