An Introduction

I am a graduate at The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and in order to earn my MS degree, I have to complete a MS capstone/thesis in my area of study, Human-Computer Interaction. I along with many of my classmates have been meeting on and off over the internet for the past couple years all with the goal of finishing our projects before our 7 year timeline ends. One of us has successfully defended so far, leaving 4 others still working towards our degrees.

My Project

My project is to build a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) that is focused on helping rock climbers locate new places to climb outside. It is called Crag Finder. I’m excited because I would really use this if it proved functionally successful (hopefully it does). Anyway, this blog will be for me to share my progress with friends, administrators, and anyone else interested in the project and as a personal log, so I can look back at the end of it all and see the path I took to completion.

Current Status

Currently, I am working on the final draft of my proposal, which I hope to submit sometime in the next couple weeks. Then I will finally be able to start development on the software side of things. I am also currently prepping to start collecting data on current methods for finding outdoor climbing areas, because there aren’t currently any metrics for such things, besides anecdotal evidence.

Anyway, check back if this interests you. I should have more posted in the coming weeks.